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A SNAP TOGETHER model of DaVinci's Helicopter

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  • Easy to build
  • Complete step-by-step Instructions
  • No glue, no paint, no tools needed
  • Beautifully detailed

Learn, enjoy the operation, collect the series

The Da Vinci Helicopter a.k.a. the Aerial Screw is thought to be the concept for the modern helicopter although first actual helicopter wasn't built until the 1940s. It is believed that Leonardo da Vinci's sketches from the late fifteenth century were the predecessor to the modern day flying machine. As with many of da Vinci's ideas, he never actually built and tested it, but his notes and drawings mapped out exactly how the device would operate.

Leonardo da Vinci was an Italian painter, sculptor, architect, musician, scientist, mathematician, engineer, inventor, anatomist, geologist, botanist and writer. Leonardo has often been described as the archetype of the Renaissance man, a man whose unquenchable curiosity was equaled only by his powers of invention. He is widely considered to be one of the greatest painters of all time and perhaps the most diversely talented person ever to have lived.

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