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Power & Expansion

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Power Supply

The transformer connects to the Light Hub or Expansion Hub and powers up to 50 Light Hub Ports.

$ 19.99

Just Plug Extension Cables

Extend the length of any Just Plug Cable. Use with Just Plug Power Supply, LED Stick-On Lights, LED Nano Lights, Connecting Cables and additional Extension Cables.

$ 6.99

Just Plug Connecting Cables

Easy-to-install cable plugs make connections a snap. Connect Expansion Hubs to Light Hubs, Sequencing Light Hubs, other Expansion Hubs and/or connect any Hub to train power pack or DCC system.

$ 6.99

Just Plug Expansion Hub

Use the Expansion Hub to connect up to four Light Hubs, expanding your Just Plug Lighting System quickly and easily. Add an optional Auxiliary Switch for convenient operation.

$ 15.99

Just Plug Light Hub

Add up to four Just Plug LED lights of your choice to a project quickly and easily. Regulate light brightness with individual dimmer controls. Add an optional Auxiliary Switch for convenient operation.

$ 17.99

Just Plug Lights & Hub Set - Warm White

All you need is power! This is the quickest and easiest way to add lights to any project. Use the individual dimmer controls to regulate light brightness. Add an optional Auxiliary Switch for convenient operation.

$ 20.99

Just Plug Extension Cable Kit

Use with Extension Wire to create custom lengths of Just Plug Cables. Reach Hubs anywhere on your layout or project.

$ 7.99

Just Plug Battery Case

Use as an alternative to the Just Plug Power Supply to power Light Hubs, Sequencing Light Hubs and Expansion Hubs. Two 9-Volt batteries not included

$ 5.99

Just Plug Port Sharing Device

Use the Port Sharing Device with a Light Hub or Sequencing Light Hub to add up to four Stick-On or Nano LED Lights per Light Port.

$ 9.99

Just Plug Sequencing Light Hub

Bring your layout to life with a Sequencing Light Hub. Add up to four Just Plug lights that individually sequence on and off. Includes dimmer and speed controls. Turn sequencing off to use as a Light Hub. Add an optional Auxiliary Switch for convenient op

$ 24.99