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"O" Gauge Freight Cars

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Chicagoland Toys & Hobbies O Stock car w/o truck/coupler 3 pack CNW

Chicagoland Toys & Hobbies CNW Stockcar 3-Pack W/O Trucks & Couplers

$ 49.99

O CSX 8000 Gallon Tank Car

8000 Gallon Tank Car - CSX. Car No. 48190

$ 59.99

O NYC Caboose

$ 62.99

Lionel 1927284 O 60' Baggage Car UP #1837/yel

Union Pacific #1837 (Yellow) 60' Baggage Car

$ 161.99

O 40' Containers/3pk

Stack these containers high on your O Gauge or O Scale layout and create your own container yard! Each container easily stacks with others and can be mixed and matched just like you'd find in a real yard.

$ 53.99

Chevron Uni-Body Tank Car U

Chevron Uni-Body Tank Car U

$ 20.00

O Poultry Dispatch Sweep Car

Transport your chickens with this all new poultry car. Listen as the chickens cluck around your layout while the driver sweeps the car's deck clean.

$ 99.99

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